Saturday, October 25, 2014

Keep em in the family!!!!!

You may have seen this bike in the background on other posts past. Its been stored in my garage for a few years and had been owned by my brother in law Ian. He inherited this bike from his father back in the mid 90's. His father "Spud" had obtained this bike in the early 80's, finished it Dec. of 83, and rode the hell out of it til his passing in 95. I have been lucky enough and totally honored to be able to purchase this bike and get it on the road after all these years. I rode it for the first time the other day. MAN, I had this amazing feeling that this historical bike not only holds a big spot in a lot of hearts in the community but has a family value that can not be measured. Riding a 1947 Indian down the streets of a city that literally hasn't seen it in nearly two decades, not to mention all of the memories this bike community and family have of this little red machine makes it a real special deal. Just was a neat experience thinking in my mind while riding it. Its not a barn find, its way cooler!!! This bike has a significant part of our families history and I am more than honored and moved to be able to ride this old Indian. Thank you Ian for letting me take it off your hands.

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