Friday, July 4, 2014

Back to work...

Well its the life of a paper maker, I get a good grip of days off every month. Thankfully so, and much needed when it comes to a swing shift of 12s. It can be at times strenuous physical and a hot ass mother fucker, But like I said I get a good amount of days off and now I am coming off of my 7 off, yes you heard it right, 7 days off. Every month I am lucky enough to get 7 days in a row off. man oh man what you should get done in these 7 day stretches, but it always kinda seems to not work out every time, well of course you get a few beers in and a few nights with the old lady wink wink but jeeze man you would assume a pan head would be built by fucking now
...any who I did make it up to Clappers shop and dropped my shit off for kids road up with me 2 hours 20 mins one way and they loved the road was down pour rain and high winds all they way but we kept jammin our way and managed to dent a panhead worries Clapper can fix it...

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