Tuesday, November 5, 2013


I really haven't been writing much. Shit a few months or more and I hadn't even wrote more than a sentence or two.  Life just gets so damn hectic and the next thing you know a whole summer has passed you by.  Just wait, 24 fucking degrees outside.  This summer just got outta wack for me, my motorbike was outta commission since the first of June and sold my 450 mid summer.  So that made me resort to riding my bmx for the first time in 5 years.  Really it was pretty cool getting back to pedaling around.  Either way two wheels is two wheels right.  Well thankfully I got my shovel back running with a little help from my good friend Noot... JUST IN TIME FOR COLD RAIN AND MIXED SNOW FLURRIES.  Oh well that's how it goes sometimes, now that winter is on its way and garages are filled with beer cans and heaters we can get our projects in full gear and crank out some bitchen motorcycles.  Me my panhead is just about ready for mock up...stay tuned pictures and posts will be more frequent again.

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