Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Drove some skaters nuts today...

 Was funny took my kids plus one to the skate park for the first time today...
 They snaked the locals repeatedly...
once in a while they can put up with kids and training wheels haha


  1. Hey man, I'm desperately trying to contact Papa Clutch re buying a bolt on hardtail kit, I realise he might have come across tough times and shut up shop but he might still have a kit floating around or if I shoot him the cash may even fab one up. Any help or contact leads would be most sincerely appreciated. Thanks very much for your time and consideration, Dog. AKA 'WLP'

    1. yeah man i can give him a call and see whats up...where are you located?

    2. Stoked mate, thanks for getting back to me, I really do appreciate it. I'm in Australia in the state of Queensland, my email address is
      The bike it's for is my '74 FXE, I just don't want to hack up such an unmolested matching numbers ride and his is the only bolt-on kit I've ever seen that doesn't ruin the lines of the frame. I had communicated with him previously but have lost the details. As mentioned, sincerely grateful for your help man, much respect, Dog, aka WLP.


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