Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Been about 10 years....

 This past week this world lost a good friend and father.  He was part of a circle of friends that I have been close with since we were kids.  You know even though the past few years everyone had started families, moved around, and only spoke once in a great while...we all shared a common interest and the memories from years past.  The memories of riding BMX all over the Midwest acting like idiots riding like idiots and partying like idiots sure makes for some shit that wont be forgotten.  I remember Brian and a few of us going to ride at Rampage Skate park.  First thing he does when we get there is smith grind this ungrindable ledge that seemed to be in the fucking rafters.  We all had great times doing this thing we all came to love, Riding BMX.  Man I was really bummed hearing the news, I really couldn't think of any other way than riding and drinking a few beers to help a few of my brothers get this tragic event off their minds.  Its a sad sad deal when it takes an event like this to break a 10 year hiatus from riding dirt but it seemed to help a little bit.  It is safe to say I am outta shape and sore as fuck this week, but honestly I was super stoked to ride with my nephew and my brother from another mother Kenny.  I think Logan caught the bug for sure.  Thanks for riding Kenny.
  We lost a good friend, he will be missed by all but not forgotten by any...his laugh especially

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