Thursday, February 14, 2013

Doin Justice...

this is one of the best films put together depicting what Born Free is and stands for...not being lucky enough to attend myself, YET, I have to ride the Born Free wave from my lil Iowa chair.  I have been since the very first show watching it unfold, grow, and blow up into this show it is today.  Its been covered a few times by a few people and the Show Class crew know how to just live and love the true soul of what the chopper scene should be.  Keep it calm and keep the cock sucking to a minimum, hey your gunna jerk your buddy off if he blows your mind a little bit...I really like watching this cringing, well only when that there black motorcycle gets away from the Californian, I cringed a little bit there...

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  1. You gotta get there,I went to 3 and can't get back till probably 6.
    Thanks for posting video.


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