Sunday, August 19, 2012

Exhaust Fittin....

 The cone shovel's geometry is pretty fucking close to the same as the pan shovel.  Ohhh, I wanted to make it clear, when I say pan/shovel I mean that the bottom end of my engine is a 1949 FL and the top end at some point in the 49 Pan's life it was updated with a new shovel top end...Sorry no one actually gave me shit about it, but every time I have been mentioning the "pan/shovel" I feel like someone out there is saying I'm a retard for calling it so...paranoid I guess...From what I can see only one area needed attention.  The oil pump was in the way of the rear exhaust and made it impossible to mount up...well thanks to a good buddy of mine it all jives like a turkey now...I took it down the road for the first time tonight, this fucking shovel fucking rips...gots a little more zip than my tire "pan/shovel"....thanks Jason

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  1. Ready to shot the dragon with that thing yet.
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