Friday, July 27, 2012

Pan Shovel Tear Down....

I really dig the tear down aspect of an engine rebuild.  Its the simple part of the whole ordeal.  Not a lot of thinking and its a good time seeing what, when, where, how, and why shit went wrong.  Its pretty cool when you find some info about your motor that you weren't quite sure of, speculated about, and discovered you weren't to far off.  So I took the top end apart and found S&S connecting rods.  Pulled the cam cover off to find a Sifton cam and solid lifters.  Pretty to split the cases clean this fucker up and take it to Noot....

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  1. Ok now I believe I know who to take my 66'panshovel too for getting heads redone ...what year you GOT....I always find thru my homegrown experience with working on a bike its like a puzzle...everything has its specific spot place to make come to life....sometimes a piece is missing or someone replaced o.g. Piece with something that fits but really don't make it "come to life"


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