Monday, July 16, 2012

Burned er down...thanks for the help!!!!

I will have a bunch more photos from the Full Tilt show...this is some bad and good news all wrapped up in a few photos...OK so my bike was on the way to a rebuild anyway, the rear hole was huffing some smoke from time to time and I wasn't too certain it would make the trip up and back.  I guess my hunch was dead nuts...cuz this fucker burned down on my way home from St Paul.  The heat and traffic from the prior day is in my opinion the last straw for this old girl.  I was only about 70 miles outta St Paul when I heard a sound that I didn't really want to hear that far away from home.  It actually sounded like something making its way outta the top end and down the exhaust and out...hahaha I heard this noise wearing ear plugs and a helmet, so it had to be loud.   Immediately after hearing the noise I was looking back to see if I was smoking like a mother fuck, but there wasn't any smoke at all and I didn't hear any type of knocking and it really didn't even start to run like shit.  So I kept riding looking back every few miles for smoke, but it wasn't till about 30 miles and I look down to see oil all over the side of my cases and THEN i looked back and seen my bike smoking like a mother fucker...pulled er over and it was over..started calling everyone I knew and thank god for family cuz my brother on a moments notice loaded up his truck, grabbed a trailer and was on his way to pick my ass up 180 miles away...not to mention take me 188 miles home to drop my bike off and another 60 miles home....another couple of buds I have to thank are my good friends from Relic Kustoms, they came and picked me up, to not only get me a little closer to my brother miles wise but get me outta that god for saken fucking gas station....thank you very much to my brother by blood and to my brothers up nort....well any way like I said good and bad things came outta it...of course the bad news is I gotta pull the fucker out, rebuild it costing me some more coin and annoying my wife just a little bit more, but on the other hand Im going to have a fresh pan shovel and got to spend some quality time with my brother and a few Friends....really I am not sweating it much


  1. Pretty sure I saw you just about to the show on 35E. I was on a sporty chop with another black sporty. Sorry we missed ya.

  2. yup you pry did bud....hope you had a good time!!!!


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