Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Holy Shit Fork Oil

 Its been on my mind since I picked this old pig up.  Front forks were working like shit and needed the fluid at very least changed out.  Well after removing the plugs I can assure you the forks hadn't had the fork oil changed since at least the 70's maybe even earlier.  It was a black sludge mostly with a little trickle of fluid.  Its common sense with any old bike purchase an engine oil/trans fluid change is a must and a long with that a fork oil change is pry a damn good idea too. Well now my forks are tip top.  Used a real nice trick to get the new oil back in too.  Use a brake bleeding kit and pump the oil back up through the drain hole.  Works slicker than shit..

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  1. That is a good trick, quick and not to messy.


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