Monday, January 16, 2012

Wiring a late Shovel Ignition Switch to a Generator, Distributor System....

I was stuck, couldn't figure out why the fuck the coil was grounding out my ignition switch.  So whats a guy to do but start calling everyone in his phone and see if anyone is available at 9:30 on a Sunday night.  Thankfully My good buddy Chad Lemme outta SD and Daniel from Pandemonium Custom Choppers out in Ohio where kind enough to answer the calls...Chris C. hooked me up with Daniels number, Daniel and I went through the whole wiring layout and it was a stump.  Now mind you, telling someone over the phone and them seeing it in person is a whole nutter story all togever....I had to beat them to death with their own shoes.........huh? he was a big help informing me if theory was correct, and laying it all out for yours truly,  assuring me that I had the right idea.  Then when I was shutting down the heater and locking it all up my good buddy Lemme called me up and.........CLICK!!! there it was....Ok so it was my fault of course....while I was going through all the terminal points and figuring out which is which and what terminals I wanted to use for lights, ign, and reg/gen I took all the connections off the key switch....Bat, Reg/Gen, and you guessed it The Coil wire....NOOWWW.....I made the jumper wire that you can vaguely see in the pics......and after doing so I started to put it all back together checking each wire with my trusty circuit tester here is where the problem lieded for me....I started with the coil wire first after hooking up the bat term and the jumper that point I check with my trusty tester light and FUCK ME it was grounding......Scratch Scratch WTF.......hmmmmmm......took it all apart 10 times and still send Chris C a msg "who is the wiring God", he texts back Lemme or Daniel.......At that point I had already text Lemme so gave Daniel a call and he was a super nice dude with a lotta info and a big help....Lemme hits me up after talking for 2 hours with Daniel about every possible problem and we came to the conclusion that you need the reg/gen wire hooked up to the bat term to make it all jive like a ghetto fried pic is the WRONG WAY bottom pic is the RIGHT WAY......if you do not have it hooked up the right way the moment you connect the coil wire the whole switch grounds and you lose all power at the switch......THANKS GUYS FOR ALL YOUR HELP The top pic is the wrong way the bottom is the right way.....FMI


  1. Thanks for posting that. I'll be doing the same thing in a short while.
    Electrics are like voodoo to me.

  2. sure thing man if you have any questions just let me know dude....ill be posting the other term with labels shortly..keep your eye open brother....


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