Sunday, January 1, 2012

Isle of Man TT

It was kinda funny last night, for some reason I was having an itch for some insane super bike footage...I didn't make it to the pc to view a few at that moment, and had forgotten that I was even in the mood to see retarded high speed shit eating.....until I was looking through the friends posts tonight on the old dickface and there it was, the very clip I was searching for....god damn super bike racers in general have to have some sort of obsession with cheating death over and over with in one lap...not to mention this competition....anytime you see a race in the streets or down the highways of a European country side reaching speeds of over 180 mph, you know these fuckers is crazy.....I have always been a big fan, and have big time respect for these crazy ass mother fuckers...come on, we think we are bad ass going 155 straight line...get real...RESPECT INSANITY

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