Thursday, January 26, 2012

4 AM Rambles

The lights work properly now...

 Ok so it has been more than a task, but I finally wired it all up...and wired it all correctly to add.  If you remember back I mentioned what came to mind while sifting through the machine.  In my head the image of a spun out 70's speed freak finding bits and pieces to make a total mess of one color speggetti madness.  That't the image I had in my head hahha....long greasy hair and a beard too, but speed freak for sure....haha  The wiring was not right in any sense, nothing worked how it was suppose to.  Bits, pieces, and bad connections all over the place.  So now it all works properly and can't say couldn't be more stoked to be over that hill...

Monday, January 23, 2012

Motorcycle Cannonball 2012 Route

Pre-event TBD Registration, TBD

Stage 1 Fr Sept. 7 Newburgh, NY to Wellsboro, PA 209 Miles

Stage 2 Sa Sept. 8 Wellsboro, PA to Sandusky, OH 330 Miles

Stage 3 Su Sept. 9 Sandusky, OH to Milwaukee, WI 310 Miles

Stage 4 Mo Sept. 10 Milwaukee, WI. to Anamosa, IA 210 Miles

Stage 5 Tu Sept. 11 Anamosa, IA to Spirit Lake, IA 280 Miles

Stage 6 We Sept. 12 Spirit Lake, IA to Murdo, SD 280 Miles

Stage 7 Th Sept. 13 Murdo, SD to Sturgis, SD 300 Miles

Rest Day Fr Sept. 14 Rest Day; Sturgis, SD

Stage 8 Sa Sept. 15 Sturgis, SD to Sheridan, WY 250 Miles

Stage 9 Su Sept. 16 Sheridan, WY. to Jackson Hole, WY 320 Miles

Stage 10 Mo Sept. 17 Jackson Hole, WY. to Mountain Home, ID 300 Miles

Stage 11 Tu Sept. 18 Mountain Home, ID to Burns, OR 275 Miles

Stage 12 We Sept. 19 Burns, OR to Alturas, CA 250 Miles

Stage 13 Th Sept. 20 Alturas, CA to Redway, CA 330 Miles

Stage 14 Fr Sept. 21 Redway, CA to San Francisco, CA 230 Miles


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Homing it up...

As you can see from my recent posts, I haven't left my garage for the most part....not a bad thing by any means, getting a shit ton anyway we replaced the carpet in our living room and thought the old carpet would be a nice touch in the old freezer box....might even seem a little warmer out there....

Let there be light.....

Ok so you know how previously I posted we had it all figured out...well 3 days later, 3 up til 3 am nights and we gots this mother fucker...I fired this bitch finally tonight....Thanks Lemme, Noot, Daniel, Jim, Chris, and my Dad for all the tips, pointers, and mother fuckin knowledge....

TFEST back in the day......

I did this for the first Torque Fest....I did it with a little hand held that my phone shoots better than now...oh well Earth Ride rules

Monday, January 16, 2012

Wiring a late Shovel Ignition Switch to a Generator, Distributor System....

I was stuck, couldn't figure out why the fuck the coil was grounding out my ignition switch.  So whats a guy to do but start calling everyone in his phone and see if anyone is available at 9:30 on a Sunday night.  Thankfully My good buddy Chad Lemme outta SD and Daniel from Pandemonium Custom Choppers out in Ohio where kind enough to answer the calls...Chris C. hooked me up with Daniels number, Daniel and I went through the whole wiring layout and it was a stump.  Now mind you, telling someone over the phone and them seeing it in person is a whole nutter story all togever....I had to beat them to death with their own shoes.........huh? he was a big help informing me if theory was correct, and laying it all out for yours truly,  assuring me that I had the right idea.  Then when I was shutting down the heater and locking it all up my good buddy Lemme called me up and.........CLICK!!! there it was....Ok so it was my fault of course....while I was going through all the terminal points and figuring out which is which and what terminals I wanted to use for lights, ign, and reg/gen I took all the connections off the key switch....Bat, Reg/Gen, and you guessed it The Coil wire....NOOWWW.....I made the jumper wire that you can vaguely see in the pics......and after doing so I started to put it all back together checking each wire with my trusty circuit tester here is where the problem lieded for me....I started with the coil wire first after hooking up the bat term and the jumper that point I check with my trusty tester light and FUCK ME it was grounding......Scratch Scratch WTF.......hmmmmmm......took it all apart 10 times and still send Chris C a msg "who is the wiring God", he texts back Lemme or Daniel.......At that point I had already text Lemme so gave Daniel a call and he was a super nice dude with a lotta info and a big help....Lemme hits me up after talking for 2 hours with Daniel about every possible problem and we came to the conclusion that you need the reg/gen wire hooked up to the bat term to make it all jive like a ghetto fried pic is the WRONG WAY bottom pic is the RIGHT WAY......if you do not have it hooked up the right way the moment you connect the coil wire the whole switch grounds and you lose all power at the switch......THANKS GUYS FOR ALL YOUR HELP The top pic is the wrong way the bottom is the right way.....FMI

Friday, January 13, 2012

You think this would make the cut for the art of BF4???

 HAHAHAHAHA I sent them in, but have yet to see them posted on FMA or Born Free's blogs...guess my skills are shit...

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Kody Wisner, JP CYCLES, Underground Art Studios doing good for a local family in need...

My buddies Kody Wisner, Patrick Garvin and Scott Takes of JP CYCLES and Underground Art Studios went above and beyond.  Really bitchen when people use there skills like this....Bon Jovi too....

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Seeing the light of day...

 I hadn't had the chance to wheel the old pig out in the sun and get a good look.  I am really pleased with how its turning out...digging it for sure

Imperial Wizard First Ride over 100 miles....

I was going through some videos on my phone....this is a good one of the work my buddy did on the paint...the flake in the sun looks bitchen...Blue Moon Kustoms cant sling some flake...

Easy Rider Bike Show After Party....Enchantment Under the Sea Dance

My buddies out west are getting together this weekend for the Easy Rider Show.  They also are getting together after the Easy Rider Show for The Enchantment Under the Sea Dance Winter Formal Dance Party....So If you are in the area be sure and get weird...FREE ENTERTAINMENT

Kickstands are nice......

Nothing to write home about, but even the smallest of tasks add up in the end...? right?  Its extremely hard for me not to go to the garage and do something.  Put the kids to bed and its out the door.
Ordered up my cloth wire from my budds at LowBrowCustoms tonight.  So once that arrives I think we might have a runner...well maybe

Monday, January 2, 2012

Getting it together

 Got my oil tank and fender back today...just waiting on the tanks and then we wiring...this is exactly what I was thinking when we got going on this and now its cool to see it unfold...really stoked

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Isle of Man TT

It was kinda funny last night, for some reason I was having an itch for some insane super bike footage...I didn't make it to the pc to view a few at that moment, and had forgotten that I was even in the mood to see retarded high speed shit eating.....until I was looking through the friends posts tonight on the old dickface and there it was, the very clip I was searching for....god damn super bike racers in general have to have some sort of obsession with cheating death over and over with in one lap...not to mention this competition....anytime you see a race in the streets or down the highways of a European country side reaching speeds of over 180 mph, you know these fuckers is crazy.....I have always been a big fan, and have big time respect for these crazy ass mother fuckers...come on, we think we are bad ass going 155 straight line...get real...RESPECT INSANITY

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