Monday, December 19, 2011

Who knows thier rollers, lifters, tappets, and doo dads.......??????

 Ok its a good thing my issue of Show Class showed up today, cuz these mother fuckers are giving me a night off...good thing I have some good resources or nothing I fucked with would run..haha...I emailed my good buddy Noot these photos but was wondering if anyone else had any ideas on what this configuration would pic is the piece that the push rod rests in and is slid down inside the tappet block, now this is where it gets odd....under that little doo dad there is the spring pictured in the second inside the lifter is some sort of bushing that slides up and down that this spring is housed....which is no resemblance of a hydraulic lifter, and reason I say that is the fact that a hydraulic lifter assembly pulls out of the roller, right?  so i was told anyway....well any info would be great on this here set up cuz im not sure about it......

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  1. That is a Andrews Solid lifter conversion kit.


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