Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Made In USA....got damn right

It might seem insignificant to most people, honestly, It seems insignificant to most Americans, I went into a hardware store the other day to buy some new drill bits.  I was looking for the Made IN USA bits and to my let down, this store did not carry a bit Made in the states....this included their own brand too...I was pissed that I was forced to purchase the opposing teams bit...now the fucking part that makes me sick...this bit set was around 60 bucks, when you pay that price you are thinking in your mind, ok im getting what I pay for...these bits are going to be sharp as hell and not go dull after one use, and be gar-on-teed....RIGHT...WELL FUCK that wasn't the case at all with these here bits...and mind you these are the super duper heavy mother fuckers that are suppose to cut through anything....well the first use the bit size I need fucking broke....so I fortunately was able to just up a size, that bit cut well at first and then after a few seconds fell short...and to top it all off these are not a warranty item in the store.....so I used my old bits....mother fuckers

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