Monday, December 5, 2011

Local Powder Coater Cool Concepts

I picked up my frame today and was really stoked with how it turned out...I was looking around the shop the other day when I dropped the frame off and seen these metal things hanging from hooks, didnt know what they where and didnt have time to ask...when I picked my frame up today I noticed them again, and I was like ohhh I see now....he puts what ever you want on them, so if you wanna giant PBR or High Life cap for your man cave give Rick a call at 319-540-1571 or visit his website ohhh ya and if you want some parts powder coated hit him up too....he does a really killer job


  1. Your bike is gonna be fuckin' awesome if you've got it stripped that far . . .

  2. Thanks man....long ways to go....


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