Friday, November 25, 2011

File Digging.......Steve

I have a few people in my phone that are good enough friends to just give a call and shoot the shit with.  You know you gotta good buddy when you can lose track of time talking about whats going on in your garage.  I only have a few in the book, and my buddy Steve is one of those cats...he helped me button up my Triumph "Imperial Wizard" moments before the Full Tilt Chopper Show and Bearded Lady Weekend extravaganza...Steve and I shared the first fire of the Triumph too...that's a true moment, and its good to share with a good bud...He's a true friend and its been too long, I need to give him a call and see how shits been coming along...last I knew the kitchen and living room where housing his Pan Shovel project... here are a few shots of the last time I was down in Koekuk Iowa....

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