Tuesday, July 5, 2011

1951 FL Panhead.....60 years of History comes back around

Sometimes shit just comes around in full circle...a friend of mine has been looking for a bike to build and found one over the weekend...we rode out there before going to watch the fireworks and decided it was going home with us, well while shooting the shit with the guy he talked about the 1947 Flathead he had in the corner in bits,  I mention my brother in laws 47 Indian and it sparked a memory of an old Indian a guy had and how he used to roll around with him back in the 80's...Low and behold the Indian and the guy he was talking about was my wife's dad "Spud", unfortunately and suddenly Spud passed while my wife was very young leaving the Indian to his only son Ian...he told us about the days riding to Daytona with Spud, and how the Pan my buddy was buying more than likely rolled right along side that old Indian...It just blew my mind, I thought WOW, this bike has a 60 year history in this area and has been reunited with that old Indian that 30 years ago went to all the local events and ventured as far as Sturgis and Daytona together...That shit is a big deal to me I guess, always been one for the history of shit and the stories that go along with it...lucky find

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