Friday, July 29, 2011

Papa Clutch and Sturgis Layover.......Friday Aug 5th

All right its just around the corner and is going to be one hell of a party...Papa Clutch Customs and Cycle Source Magazine are throwing a layover get down for the big party out west and this is a bash not to be missed...BEER, BABES, BIKES, BANDS, ALL THAT SHIT OF COURSE..........

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Gypsy Biker Bedroll

Field Tested Dirt Bag Approved!!!


SACRED STEEL is a unique custom shop specializing in one-off creations with hand made parts that are formed between owner and builder for a truly life altering experiance. Sacred Steel do not like people telling them what they want or what is cool, so dont do it .

You design it, they build it and in the end you will have something that means something to you. Thats what its all about, Motorcycles are a personal thing so if YOU like it, FUCK it... Its Cool!

So ifyour the kind of person who cant stand cookie-cutter bikes with stamped overseas parts, or the thought of you walking out of the bar and no knowing which stock Harley is yours makes you sick, and if you have respect for hand made parts and see the time that goes into them and are willing to cut shit up for no good reason at all... Then this could be the start of your enlightenment.

Salvation through Fabrication

Jason Wilson (owner and cycle Evangelist)

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