Sunday, June 5, 2011

Yuba bound and down, Kickapoo was about there........

Ok so I did a really shitty job this weekend, navigating, photo wise, and just every which wise....we got so fucking lost in "Gods Country" also-know-as Wisconsin we didn't even make it too The Knuckle Shuffle...don't get me wrong getting lost up nort in back woods America is bad ass, we camped in some remote back 40 camp ground, ran on fumes most of the day into the night driving past little wood signs telling us where we were supposed to be going plus hitting little "Unincorporated" towns with no gas stations to turn/miss our next was rad and a bummer...really wanted to go to The Knuckle Shuffle but no dice....sorry Teach atleast you got our 25 bucks but really we will make it next year for are a few pics my buddy Chris snagged of me lost and outta gas..

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