Thursday, April 7, 2011

The other side....FWG

Good things and great feats are only accomplished with hard work, determination, and most importantly pipe dreams. Weasel and Pork of Flying Weasel Garage/Shifters and Grinders are none to a stranger to these here ideals, they built a bike/deli in an amazing amount of time, and doing it all by the books. Plus not to mention without any knowledge of what the hell it took to start a sandwich shop. Sitting down with these guys talking about their life stories, skills, and future ideas just made me smile the entire time. Smile because these are the type of guys building this industry from the ground up, molding a new future, paving a new road, and doing it the smart and sturdy way. These ideas and ambitions are the backbone of years to come.
Michael Weasel Geltz and Brandon Pork Parsons have been longtime friends that started working and wrenching in a garage back in early 2008. Weasel has worked in the auto world for 10 yrs. He went to WYOTech for a year and spent one more year in another well know auto tech program. Pork is the biz guy, he has a longtime background in business and sales. Pork also is a self taught mechanic and fabricator of motorbikes and hotrods.
So story goes a year or so had past in 2008, work was more than steady and Porks ideas started coming out.......”we should partner up and start a legit shop”, and why not.......imediatly Pork and Weasel began looking for buildings. Around December 2009 they where finding a lot of really cool buildings in the little river town of Keokuk, but nothing stood out until they came across this big square foot, two front door building that had been a shell for who knows how many years.
That was it, gutted the building in March of 2010. Renovation included pretty much everything you can think of, roof, walls, floors, ceilings, wiring, you name it they did it. While renovations where taking place they felt the building was bigger than they really needed just for the custom shop, plus like I said the building had two doors. So ideas again started to flow thinking of what the hell could they put in the other side of this building. Bounced ideas around for a bit and Pork came out and said why not a deli. They where really stoked on the idea, and it seemed like a perfect plan, but one thing, seemed like a big thing at the time. Neither of them knew shit about the resturante biz, and didn’t have the slightest clue of how to get one started...honestly its not like you can just throw a building together and expect it to pass all the health codes, city codes, state codes, fire codes, blah blah blah codes, but that didn’t hold them up one sec. They got to work and started researching every aspect you could ever think of. Researching city codes and health codes while working along side inspectors really was the key to getting it off the ground. The health codes really sketch them out at first. Michael said that it helped more than everything though, doing it by the book and making sure the inspectors where right there along with every step and page.
Not to mention researching the biz side of a deli also. Food prep, food distributors, beverage vendors, produce, what breads, I mean really the list could go on for ever, and these guys did it. They got it done in record time and set up a rad cycle shop along side the sandwich shop cleverly named Shifters and Grinders.
Really these river city kids have so many aspects to work with, mainly the shop stays busy with your normal service work. Not only is the service work steady, but anything up to custom paint, full on builds, running orders for the sandwich shop, and putting out FWG parts keep Pork and Weasel on there feet.
FWG parts, accessories, and apparel harnesses a mix of rad innovation, art, and style. Weasel has designed and constructed a machine to produce louvered tanks and fenders. He also has designed some super narrow front end parts.......
Louvered tank and fender parts are done in house with Weasel’s louver punch. Fenders are punched right there in the machine while tanks are equipped with a louvered skin formed and welded to fit the tank. Super Narrow trees are another FWG design with 3 different finishes and 35, 39, 41 mm applications. Don’t forget about Super Narrow Axel, designed by Flying Weasel Garage to fit perfectly with the Super Narrow Trees and narrow spool hubs. They also shave and rib lowers on a service exchange basis.
FWG also offers the likes of hitters in the industry such as V-Twin, Biltwell, Paughco, West Eagle plus apparel in stock from Flying Weasels own line and a good buddy of mines clothing line Heavy-Clothing from!!!! Plus don’t count out the fact that Weasel is one of that raddest up and coming painters in the midwest and country for that matter doing paint for lawyer dave, zac doom and crew. Oh yeah and of course I had to drop something off when I was down to get some paint. What else can I say they offer it all on the chop side plus after you drop your shit off you can grab a bad ass deli sandwich with meat smoked right out in front of the establishment. Hell yeah its smells good too, thats what I got, a smoked turkey sandwich with all the fixers plus this outta this world sweet chili sauce.
Like I said before, these guys are doing it smart from the start. They seem to have a nitch for substaining, and also have their heads on straight for the bussines stand point. Producing on many different avenues for the cycle world. I have no doubt in my mind you will be seeing more and more from these guys for years to come. Be sure to come and check them out this sumer at a few shows, including Vintage Torque Fest 2011 which Cycle Source is sponsoring. FWG rules...

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