Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Plane Jane Rollers Seat Skills

 PLANE JANE ROLLERS, yup one more time, I sent them this sketch and they sent me this seat.....Shit I am really getting ready to get the tins back from paint and put this glossy mochine back together....

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Coming Along

 My buddy Giff came over for a min last night to help me put this boat anchor back in the frame.  Got damn these things are heavy....

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Picked up our tree today......

Made In USA....got damn right

It might seem insignificant to most people, honestly, It seems insignificant to most Americans, I went into a hardware store the other day to buy some new drill bits.  I was looking for the Made IN USA bits and to my let down, this store did not carry a bit Made in the states....this included their own brand too...I was pissed that I was forced to purchase the opposing teams bit...now the fucking part that makes me sick...this bit set was around 60 bucks, when you pay that price you are thinking in your mind, ok im getting what I pay for...these bits are going to be sharp as hell and not go dull after one use, and be gar-on-teed....RIGHT...WELL FUCK that wasn't the case at all with these here bits...and mind you these are the super duper heavy mother fuckers that are suppose to cut through anything....well the first use the bit size I need fucking broke....so I fortunately was able to just up a size, that bit cut well at first and then after a few seconds fell short...and to top it all off these are not a warranty item in the store.....so I used my old bits....mother fuckers

Monday, December 19, 2011

Who knows thier rollers, lifters, tappets, and doo dads.......??????

 Ok its a good thing my issue of Show Class showed up today, cuz these mother fuckers are giving me a night off...good thing I have some good resources or nothing I fucked with would run..haha...I emailed my good buddy Noot these photos but was wondering if anyone else had any ideas on what this configuration would be.....top pic is the piece that the push rod rests in and is slid down inside the tappet block, now this is where it gets odd....under that little doo dad there is the spring pictured in the second photo......now inside the lifter is some sort of bushing that slides up and down that this spring is housed....which is no resemblance of a hydraulic lifter, and reason I say that is the fact that a hydraulic lifter assembly pulls out of the roller, right?  so i was told anyway....well any info would be great on this here set up cuz im not sure about it......

Friday, December 16, 2011

Spark For Love.....Tonight...

National Motorcycle Museum


 Jeff Decker Bronze Statue
 Evil K's
 Easy Rider.....The Actual
 Not even half of em.....
 One that caught my eye.....

It was a really bitchen few hours spent today, if you are in the area I would strongly suggest to get over and check out the insane amount of bikes and art on display....its well worth your time

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Friday, December 9, 2011


Just gave a good buddy of mine a call to see if he could help a brother out...Good Friends are good indeed thanks Noot..... http://rickynoot.blogspot.com/

Monday, December 5, 2011

Local Powder Coater Cool Concepts

I picked up my frame today and was really stoked with how it turned out...I was looking around the shop the other day when I dropped the frame off and seen these metal things hanging from hooks, didnt know what they where and didnt have time to ask...when I picked my frame up today I noticed them again, and I was like ohhh I see now....he puts what ever you want on them, so if you wanna giant PBR or High Life cap for your man cave give Rick a call at 319-540-1571 or visit his website www.coolconceptspc.com ohhh ya and if you want some parts powder coated hit him up too....he does a really killer job

Sleeping beauty.....TFest 2011

Already gearing up for Torque Fest 2012 keep your eyes open for more info to come....Cycle Source Magazine came out last year and set up there big red rig to meet the mid west masses...And the infamous Don Wood showed up making it a year to remember...I love this guy

Friday, December 2, 2011

Josh's Swinger.....

I have loved this bike since the first day he road up to my buddies Paint Shop UnderGroundArtStudios with copper coat running all over his jugs.... headed to the first Dice Party in Des Moines we all where stoked to get rolling....what a bad ass ride that was..

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