Tuesday, June 8, 2010

HillClimb Anamosa Iowa


 I'm gonna do my best to put cool shit up and write entries worth reading.
Little bout myself, oh by the way that's me in the tube socks on my old mans cone shovel, I'm from Iowa and have been racing, riding, obsessing, crashing, and trashing bikes for the extent of my existence on this planet. My first bike was a 1978 Jr. 50 Suzuki, then I moved on to a 1983 Z50R and from then was and array of Yamers, Honda's, and Zukes till I bought my first pig...Just finished a Triumph 650 Bonneville and since that was done working on a 49 bottom shovel top HD.
So Ive got a little background in the sickles and just fucking love riding with my buds and checking out new ideas, concepts, events, and meeting anyone who has enough time to sit down and shoot the shit about what gets their dick hard about the newest shit out there in the cycle world. One thing I have found out in the Cycle World is that you wont find a better group of people who are willing to give time and knowledge for the ultimate goal, RIDING!

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